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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

JPMorgan Chase Corporate Challenge aftermath

2006: 82/259 1:59:17
2007: 148/284 2:13:59
2008: 110/242 2:02:06

While other people celebrate winning a trip to USA, we celebrate an improvement in our timing. Okay not very good timing but still better than last year, not bad considering got one crippled old man, one with a permanent PF, one slightly overweight guy and one newbie whose last race was the SCSM 10km last year.

But after all the effort and $45 for 30 minutes or so of running agony, all we got was a cotton t-shirt and a non-woven shopping bag, the first green race in Singapore they said! Not even isotonic drink at the end of the race!

But at least every year I get to find a new running top for the company

2005 - OEM made in China 'Nike' dri-fit t-shirt
2006 - AGT brand running top + shorts some more
2007 - Went up market and got NB top
2008 - Saucony top

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