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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Memory Run

For a change, went into other people's territory to run. Sengkang to be precise.

First time running in the area. Went on up to Seletar Camp. That place brings back a lot of memories as I spend many years of reservist there. Only thing is during those years, never got the chance (actually never got the mood or desire then) to run there.

The black & white are so beautiful. Really envy those people staying there with the wide open grounds and big spacious buildings. Heard the place going to be redeveloped into another aerohub. So sad:(

Sungei Serangoon?

A ramshackle relocated temple from Pulau Ubin

The famous Thasevi Roti Prata

Cholesterol free prata? Is it possible?

The Church that has been there since oh so long ago

The Seletar Camp entrance

The abandoned Camp Commandant building

One of the beautiful houses along Edgeware Rd

This one even has a guardian 'angel'

Stables or garages?

Another big house. Wonder who's the lucky fellas who get to stay there?

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