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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Why I Race?

Why do I participate in race after race knowing that I can never win - wrong never even come in top 10?

For the goodie bag?

Just to join the crowd?

For a PB?

Nothing better to do?

Somebody said to take part in a race, the objective must be to win, to run the faster race. In a race, that person said, there is no place for the social runners.

If that is true, than people like me should stop taking part in race since honestly most time I participate just to soak in the atmosphere. Hmmm maybe subconsciously I am already doing that since I am sitting out some major races this year.


  1. My view is that a lot would depend on the definition of "winning".

    For some, it is coming in with the elites, or getting placed in an age category. For others, it is completing the distance for a bigger cause (e.g. charity, in memory of a loved one etc). For some, it might be reaching a refining moment (recovery from illness, marking a milestone in life...).

    Given my running pace, my odds of winning any race are probably smaller than striking lottery. But I still love running for all its rewards, both the tangible and the intangible.

    There is a place for running etiquette though. For example, I would not place myself near the front of the starting pen in a race, so as not to obstruct the fast runners who are out for a tangible win :P

  2. I used to think that I look macho when I am in my running attire. Then I realised I was stupid. Now I run to keep to myself fit. I thank God that my pair of aging chopstick legs still have the strength to support my tummy.

  3. Hi Doc,

    Thanks for dropping by. Did u read the post in the forum that triggered the debate? Certainly food for thoughts.

    Miss Singapore?

  4. Hi Tekko, yes, I read a bit of the forum thread. Some strong emotions there ...

    As for home, miss the food, family, friends and atmosphere. Don't miss the heat and humidity though :P