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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Run Break

Start of a self imposed run break for at least the next 2 week. Not that there is much choice. Felt a slight pain in the left shin and feeling along the shin bone, can feel a little bit of swelling. So no runs for the time being – hurray can sleep late for this coming weekend!

Don’t remember knocking into any thing to get the injury but don’t think it is shin splint either. Probably my reward for my unorthodox method of choosing running shoes.

No running still can cross-train so priority will be to train the stomach oops I mean the abs. Must make it work hard.

Er anybody want to train with me at Venue: House of Seafood, Crab Party, No Signboard, Eng Seng or any suggestions? Or how about 717 or Four Seasons? Good to see how much the stomach abs can expend with 1 big exertion<


  1. I dun mind abs training with u!! hahaaa...does that mean u not running RL also for next 2 session?

  2. I will be at RL. Will do my usual easy run so should not be a problem.