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Saturday, September 05, 2009

Gait Analysis

Went for a gait analysis this morning to find out whether there was anything wrong with my running that is causing so much problems.

Well according to the nice doctor, there is basically nothing wrong. The only minor things she could see were

1) my right leg tend to swing out slightly before swinging back to the front. This cause an imbalance to the hip and may possibly cause the left foot to absorb more of the impact

2) I tend to land a bit too far out on my left foot whereas the right foot is landing almost correctly underneath the body.

Other than these 2, she couldn't see anything else and she therefore ruled out that my problems were caused by my running. So may be the shoes?

Anyway, here are the videos (for those who really bored until got nothing to do)

Without orthotics insole

With orthotics insole
Did the insole made any difference? I been staring at them for the last hour and other than I don't look good (machiam like a sissy) I can't tell anything from it.


  1. Gait Analysis is great for finding the right footwear or orthotic for you. Give the orthotics a try and you may well see a difference and find that running is much more comfortable for you.

  2. Video gait analysis without kinetics and EMG will not tell you much. Interesting this was done in Changi.