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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Home Run

Did another neighbourhood run. Now Tuesday and Friday have become family run day as all 4 of us are running.

Since he started running with us in September last year, the Kid has been improving by leaps and bounds. Last night, got blown away by him along the Bedok Park Connector. For the first time ever, I was not able to catch up with him when he decided to 'chiong'. Normally, as per the 2 kids habit, they will run and towards the last 200 metres, they will sprint away leaving us 2 old fogeys struggling in their wake. But that is the last 200 metres. Yesterday, it was just after the first km when I was left trailing and only managed to catch up because he had to stop at the traffic junction.

The Princess is training for her school's road race. It is anybody bet whether she will continue thereafter but then again she has PE and NAPFA and what's not so she will probably continue to maintain some sort of exercise regime, I hope.

Meanwhile, time to up the ante for the Kid to 10 km?

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