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Sunday, January 24, 2010

I survived Eastside Run

Hmmm when was the last time I ran more than 10km? 14 December and that was 10.5km so no count. Have to go even further to mid November when I did around 14km at East Coast Park.

So what the heck was I doing this morning running 16km?

Well to begin with, it was the first Sgrunners' 1st Eastside Run of the year so must support a bit. Turnout wasn't too bad - there were 11 of us starting the run from Sun Plaza park to Pasir Ris via the Tampines Mountain Bike park, Tampines Ave 9, 10 and finally Pasir Ris through the Farmways


Photo courtesy of AC Leong. More photos here

The TMBP was difficult to run as usual but luckily like most Eastside run, this was what I call a sightseeing run with many stops to take pictures so that sort of make it easier because there was plenty of rest stop. It was a hot morning and with the numerous stops to take picture, eventually we took almost 2 and a half hour to complete 16km.

Suffice to say, since I am writing this, it must mean I survived the heat and the run. Thank God!

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