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Monday, February 01, 2010

Banana Relay 2010

First event of the year but I wasn't running. The 3rd Sgrunners Banana Relay and I was a volunteer.

Had a fun time watching the participants carrying 3 bananas and running all round West Coast Park. Interestingly, I guess when a person is concentrating on running, they can be so focus that they can forget which is left and right. I had to laugh in amazement when despite shouting to some of them to turn left, they still went right. Some got temporarily stunned and seem like couldn't decide which was left and right. LOL. Also, despite having to run the circuit 3 times, some still couldn't remember the exact route even after 2 rounds. I guess their concentration was fully on the run and they are too focused to remember anything else.

Anyway, managed to sneak in some photos (not a lot compared to last year) as my primary duty was marshaling and not photo taking. Here is a sneak preview. The full lot to be uploaded soon.

The rest of the photos here


  1. Koh, any good motivational running tips here or elsewhere, can you send to me?

  2. The best way is still to find a personal trainer but if cost is an issue, go for group runs like the I-Run organised by the Health Promotion Board.