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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Where will you be?

Over the course of the CNY holidays last week, met with some relatives. Now as guys do when they meet, inevitably the conversations turns towards our NS days. And as we talked it was an eye opener for me to find out they had IPPT timing of under 9 mins during their NS days. Why eye opener?

Relative No 1 - His best IPPT time according to him was 8:45. I know him long enough to know that he used to enjoy sports and play soccer during weekends and in his younger days, was what we would called a "weekend warrior" so the timing wasn't really a big surprise. What was disappointing was to see his stocky built now accumulated from years of boozing in China. He himself doubt he can even complete a 2.4km run nowadays.

Relative No 2 - His best IPPT time was about 8:55. This guy looks tan and fit but is more into golf than run. In fact I think he doesn't run or I never heard of it from his wife anyway. Which was a waste as I think he could be a real good runner if he had continues.

Relative No 3 is the saddest case of all. While the first 3 are all in their mid to late forties, this young man is I think only in his late twenties but he has the biggest belly of us all. I think his wife who is 7 months pregnant has a smaller tummy. And what is so sad is that this guy was a former track and field runner for both his school and JC which means he would have been very very fit. But looking at him now, one will never have guess.

Over the past years since I started running and leading the RL TNR, I have also seen many runners come and go. Some were fast, some came with a lot of enthusiasm, some started from zero and progressed to a creditable distance but whether it is burnout, work, lack of time, many of them have dropped out.

Where will you be in a year time? Do you still see yourself running 3 years or 5 years from now?

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