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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

East Coast Park

5 pet peeves about the East Cast Park:

1. All the litters and rubbish on the grounds especially on a Sunday morning
2. Children playing on the pavement and cycling track
3. Cyclists/runners who screamed at people to get out of their way even though they are the one going in the wrong direction
4. Cyclist who think the cycling track is a velodrome or FI track
5. Aunties/uncles who walk and chat abreast along the pavement

5 wonderful things about the East Coast Park:

1. Long wide flat ground for LSD
2. Drinks, shower and toilets available at regular intervals
3. Adequate car parking spaces
4. Smell of barbecue especially on Saturday evening
5. Interesting views (and I am not talking about the scenery here)

How about you folks out there?

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