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Monday, April 19, 2010

Prequel F1 Nature Run

 This has got to be one big humorous race organiser. Tok Kong Runner? How in the world do they expect this wimpy old uncle to wear something like that? Damn paiseh. People see, ask how tok kong a runner I am, what am I to say? Sekali, they take marker pen and cancel out the 'tok' and write another 'kong' how? Become kong kong runner?

Then in this modern age and time, they going to use elastic band at the check point. Hello, haven't they heard of timing chip, d-tag? And no results for the rest of the runners. Only the top 10! And they call it a competitive run?

And then they giving out hydration bag. Last I checked, a hydration bag in the market cost easily at least $50. And they charging $38, giving out in the process a hydration bag (without bladder - that one got to add $12); the aforesaid t-shirt and a pack of Go gel with a retail price of $3.90. I wonder how they do their math? Maybe that's why they can't afford the electronic timing.

Anyway, not complaining. In it just for the fun (and the hydration bag) so I shall laugh along with the organiser!

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