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Friday, April 16, 2010

Timberland Shoes

Saw this beauty of a shoes at the Timberland outlet. This would make a good addition to my collection.
Sadly, according to the website, it is for water activities and "beach running". Maybe will have to settle for this:

But the white base pales in comparison to the full orange of the Rip.

This one looks much better - now if only it comes in full orange.
Anybody knows anything about these shoes?


  1. there is another model more chio than this and think you will love it. It is very light. Saw it at Sportslink.

    Cannot find it on the web...and they got full orange colour

  2. Sportslink got sell Timberland shoes? Or you referring to Brooks Launch?

  3. Yes....sportslink sell timberland shoes...saw it at city square and AMK outlets