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Sunday, April 04, 2010

Zoots Ultra Tempo+ 2

I am not a triathlete so what do one do when one get a pair of triath shoe? Got this pair of Zoots Ultra Tempo+ 2 courtesy of the folks at Running Lab.

The Ultra Tempo boast seamless lining within the shoe for wearing without socks. To aid in the transition from swimming, it has grab holes on heels and tongues and an unique lace system to help the triathlete put on the shoes faster. There are drain holes in the sole to drain water. It is lightweight with the usual EVA midsole and has a patent dri-lex mesh linings with SmartSilver antimicrobial treatment (whatever that means).

Anyway, although I don't do triath, nevertheless a shoe is a shoe and strictly speaking the Ultra Tempo according to the specs is a shoe meant for short distance running. Actually quite common sense since one don't wear shoes for swimming and shoes are not an absolute necessity for cycling. So I decided to baptise the shoes with its first run at what else but the Funan TNR. Just so that I can feel how responsive it is, I decided to go sockless since after all it is supposed to go without socks. The shoes I was given was a size 12 but when I put it on, the width seemed a tad big and after pulling the lace tight, it sorta squeezed up in front. Hmmm that could spell trouble.

The initial feeling was that it wasn't too bad. With its light weight, it was responsive and flexible enough for me to run mid foot despite it being a stability shoes with a higher than desired heel. This could be a suitable replacement for the Saucony Fastwitch. However, mid way into the 1st loop of Fort Canning where we were running, the back heel started to feel painful. A blister was forming where the heel tab was rubbing onto the back heel. Geez that means I will need to wear higher cut socks if I want to continue wearing this pair of shoes. And just as I expected, the wider width soon caused another blister to develop on the little toe. Sighed.. 2 blisters for 1 short run and in a pair of sport shoes?

So should I chuck the shoes? I like its lightweight, its lace system (save me money on a new set of lock lace), its design (would like it even better if it comes in orange ha ha) but can I overcome the blisters problem or is it just like any pair of work shoe and need some breaking in?

Date of Purchase: 18 March 2010

Cost: $249.00 (FOC courtesy of RL)

Purchased from: Running Lab Funan

Worn in races:

27 Feb 2011 NTUC Healthcare U-Run

Retired: 4 December 2011
Mileage 578 km


  1. BodyGlide or the good old Vaseline on the back heel should solve the problem. =)

  2. I also use it without socks for 10k runs. I sewn the back tab down and it's perfect (it didn't hurt me on the right, but bruised my left foot).

  3. Hi Daniel, put gel and wear thick socks but still can feel some irritation.

    Hi little girl, maybe I cut it away.