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Sunday, May 09, 2010

Barefoot Running

It's back to the good old fashion barefoot running as a few of us gingerly took our first steps toward reacquainting our bare feet with good old Mother Earth er more specifically the tarmac of the CCAB stadium.

Led by our very own barefoot guru, after a short and interesting talk on the development leading to the current trend of barefoot running, we tossed off our shoes and went around the tracks. Some of us were doing this for the very first time whilst some had some prior experience. There wasn't much hooha, no shouting of pain, no wild abandonment of joy of being free from the curse of the modern running shoes just silent plodding as we went through our paces round the stadium.  Actually, I am sure we were fodders of amusement for the other people there though. These people must be thinking that we were a bit not so okay up in the head running around the hot track in our barefoot.

All of us finished the short experiment in one piece safe for Uncle here with his baby soft foot which ended up with 2 blisters.

So will I be doing more runs shun shoes?  Hmmm let me sleep on it for a while more:)

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