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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sports Massage in the West

After enduring sore calves for quite some time and with the knee problem still not resolve, decided to treat myself to a session of massage. Dragged the MOHA to go along - this time instead of going to the usual spa or one in Bintan or Batam, decided to try out one posting from the forum.

We arrived late at the HDB based home spa in Bukit Batok. First impression was this people are strong believer in feng shui. There were feng shui items all over - on the table, floor and every which place you look. The treatment room itself was in the master bedroom on the 2nd floor of the maisonette. It was a cosy little room with a massage bed, attached bathroom, the usual soothing music and an aircon set at just the right temperature.

M was the first guinea pig. We had opted for the full body massage which was supposed to be for 90 minutes but I think it ran into almost 2 hours. My turn after that and similarly it took longer than 90 minutes. Diana later explained that she doesn't really watch the clock preferring to iron out all the problems rather than just going through the motion in the allocated time.

And iron out the problems she did or 'steam roller' over it was how Diana described it herself as she literally steam roller-ed over my back to iron out all the knots and kinks that have accumulated over the many years of hunching. She also put in a lot of efforts to work on the legs but one interesting thing that she observed was that my ITB was not tight which means my problem may not be ITBS!

It was also a great relief that we could converse with the therapist. Previous experience was mainly with foreigners who can barely speak English knowing only simple words like 'pain?'; turn over and finished! Diana was chatty and yet thorough and since this was our first sports massage, it was great that she was able to explain what she was doing and what was wrong with which part of the body.

The best deal of course is that at $75.00 for a full body massage, it is possibly the best deal in town. So if any body is looking for a basic, no frill and yet effective massage, why not try this out. More details here

NB: This is not a sponsored post and we paid the full quoted price for the service.

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