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Saturday, August 21, 2010

MR and beyond.

21km. 3 hours. Ha ha ha. The runs just went to the dog!  But actually I am quite happy with today run. 2nd time went beyond MR to Bukit Timah. This time all the way to the Visitor Centre.

Weather was good with just a wee bit of rain. Started at MR and went up the Northern Trail. Damm, the trail after the Ranger Station leading to Rifle Range is still close. Got to u-turn. Met a number of people doing the North Face practice run. Me also doing the TNF practice run but too kiamsiap to pay $16.00 so ran my own with M and a friend; following last year route. Hit RRR and bumped into some friends from SAFRA Mt Faber. Asked Melvin what was the distance from MR and he said 6.8km. Sianz, 57mins and only 6.8km? Die - like that how to complete the event in a decent time. Reached foot of Bukit Timah and stopped at the Visitor Centre. Another guy from another group that we bumped into said distance from MR to Visitor Centre 8km! I nearly got heart attack! Heh I thought I was doing decent time and it was only 8km? and I took 1 hour 35 mins! Double die!! Luckily Melvin was there as well and he said his Garmin shows 11km so I think I take his version of the distance.

Decided not to go up the hill and instead u-turn back. Skipped the Kampung Trail and ran along RRR. Legs very heavy, breathing very heavy, water bottle very heavy. Like cannot move. No choice still got to plod on. Met another group, friends from CBD run and got a gummy. That lifted spirit a bit and give a little lift until hit the slope after ST. No strength to run. Walked up the slopes. Finally, after what seems an eternity, hit the familiar trail of MR. Goodie, only another 4km to go!

After the fitness corner, M found her running legs and went ahead leaving the 2 of us guys struggling far behind. Very malu! Finally reached the multi-storey carpark. 2 hours 55 mins exactly ~ after numerous walk break and chat break whenever bump into friends along the way.

This run was intended as a sort of rehearsal for the actual race. Original target is 3 hours for the 25km. Looks like I am overly ambitious so maybe 3:30 will be more realistic? Gonna try one more - this time up all the way. Anybody wanna join me?

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