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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Buay Song Buay Kum Wan

The soreness and the aches have disappeared but in its place is this feeling of disappointment.

I thought through the race the past few days- what went right (nothing) and what went wrong (everything).  No doubt it's just 10 minutes off my target time and considering the conditions I was in, that was not a bad achievement. But heck, in the first place I should never have allowed myself to be in this condition. When was the last time I had cramp while running? Way back in 2008 at the Borneo Marathon! And with so many runs all over MR, Bukit Timah and Zheng Hua, I had no excuse. It was a poor run, a very poorly executed race.

When I do a race, I like to give my best. It is not about timing. Never mind if the timing is lousy as compared to others but I am satisfied if I can do what I call a perfect race.  It is about completing a race in one piece without cramps, without hitting the wall and being able to walk normally immediately after the race. No crab walk, no vomiting, no dead exhaustion. So by all account, Saturday's TNF was not it for me.

So I now buay song, buay kum wan. Me think there is unfinished business to take care of here.. which means I be back!

1 comment:

  1. I share the same sentiments with you in terms of running. I always do my best..
    --Life is a constant change.