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Friday, January 14, 2011

Miracle Product?

Some time ago, I was at RL and being the naturally kapo old man, I eavesdrop on the conversation between one of the staff and a customer. This lady customer was trying on a pair of Chot-Pat. She was explaining to the staff that she was doing the SCMS but her knees were swollen and painful and she wanted to use the Chot-Pat so that she can do the SCMS which was just 1 week away. Naturally, I was a bit puzzled. Having used a Chot-pat extensively in the past, I couldn’t figure out how the Chot-Pad could enable her to run on her swollen and painful knees.

Recently, I met another runner. He had bad knees and had stopped running. Apparently he had after a recommendation by a friend, bought a pair of Vibram Five Fingers. And he was now running again! And this seems to be a very common story. People who had some injuries in their legs switched to the VFF and volia, everything is cured!

Then there is this runner friend I know who wears an ITB strap and continue to run.

Miracle products?

With due respect to my friends in the same situation and are wearing the ITB strap; Ebene knee guard, VFF or whatever, there is no such things as a miracle product that can cure injury just by wearing it. If there is an injury, wearing any of these products probably will relieve the pressure and possibly allow one to do normal activities including running for a short distance but the underlying problem remains and will most likely become worse if the person continues without seeking proper medical care. Read this sentence from the Chot-Pad website: As such, while it may alleviate the symptoms of Iliotibial Band Syndrome, the cause of the affliction may still be present. It is suggested the user seek evaluation and treatment by a medical professional in conjunction with the band’s use.

What I am trying to say is, get real. If there is an injury, be it knee, ankle or arch, stop running for a while and rest. A 2 week break is not going to kill! If the injury is still there after a break, seek medical attention. Don’t ignore the pain and continue running because that will make the injury worse.

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