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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Terry Fox Run 2011

My first Running non-running event of the year. Running because it was a non-competitive charity run and non-running because I was participating not as a runner but as a helper.

The Terry Fox Run used to be held regularly in Singapore until a few years back before it changed its name to Run for Cancer. This year the Canadian Association finally decided to reclaim their event. However, with the limited financial resources, it was a small affair with about a 1500 participants. However, the atmosphere was great and I am sure everybody enjoyed the event. There were free coffee (from Starbucks!), free cookies (from Fairmont Hotel), oranges, bananas, water and best of all, it was all free. There was no registration fee. Just a t-shirt purchase price and each dri-fit tee cost only $20.00 for adult and $15.00 for youth. Yes they were that thoughtful to have 2 different sizes.

M and me got assigned to the t-shirt selling desk. It was gratifying to see many people just signing up without taking the t-shirt and also those who put some more money into the donation box. A total of $40,000.00 was raised and donated to the Singapore Cancer Society. Not really a big sum of money but certainly a lot considering that there were only 1500 participants.

There was no start and finish gantry.  Just a simple go and the participants went off. There were also no medal, finishing tees or isotonic drinks but I didn't think anymore complained and everybody had fun and most important of all, it was for a good cause.

More pictures here

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