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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Poor Right Foot

That could quite sum up the state of the poor right foot.

2 weeks ago doing a short run, developed a pain in the arch. So naturally being the typical kiasu guy, consulted my panel of 'experts' and the diagnosis was. It could be just a simple case of over stressing the foot (likely) or a sprain arch (possible) or the dread plantar fascittis (probably). Unfortunately, my panel of 'experts' cannot give me a conclusive diagnosis since they are all rather dumb in nature. So the next best thing was to self cure. So first some RICE for the overstressed foot. Reduced number of runs and short easy runs. And ice of course. Next generous application of muscle rub (of whatever free sample I have in the house) for the sprain arch and finally stretch and anti-inflammatory cream for the plantar fascittis. Did it work?

Unfortunately before I can know for sure. Over the weekend, somehow somewhere the top of the foot; and yes it is the same foot; started to swell. Did I sprain it? Not that I can recall. Again I called into action my panel of experts. It could be tendonitis or worse case a metatarsal stress fracture. Sighed. Out comes the koyok again.

They said all bad things come in 3. On Sunday while helping out at a funeral, dropped a lot of chairs, all 8 of them onto my right foot. Fortunately I didn't manage to break any bone but now there is another piece of plaster on top of the koyok and the muscle rub and the inflammatory cream.

Double sighed. Let's hope 3 is enough. Now time for a run!

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