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Monday, April 04, 2011

Never Stop Exploring - TNF Trail Run #3 Preview

It was a hot hot afternoon when we arrived at the carpark at Dairy Farm Road. The pesky mosquitoes were everywhere. Luckily they were partial to ladies, in particular 1 little lady, so we guys escaped relatively unscathed. We were there to recce the route for the TNF Trail Run #3. Never mind that the arch was still hurting. A man got to do what a man got to do and so it was running/trotting and plodding as usual.

We roughly mapped out the route and off we go. Like the TNF slogan - Never Stop Exploring, we were determined to chart out new 'unrunned' territories. Within less than 200 metres, we had to ascend a steep slope and it was hard work going up, what with the heat and all. But the reward was well worth it!

The next part of the route took us through a meandering muddy trail with thick foliages, fallen trees at certain places but it led to a interesting little bridge followed by another nice view. This could possibly be the most scenic run in the series to date!

But this was dampened by the many slopes and it was tough going. Up slopes, down slopes. Many of them almost 'unrunnable' forcing us to walk constantly. Midway through, many of us who were carrying only 1 small bottle of water had ran dry.

Hot, tired and thirsty, we eventually completed the approximately 10km distance. Due to the nature of the route, we decided to scale down the distance to 10km instead of 15km. That reminding 5km is another almost 'unchart' route with one of the most interesting trails and view ever to be found on our little concrete island. Watch out for it in next month run! Meanwhile, on a scale of 1 - 10, with the trail at MacRitchie Reservoir being a 5, we rate this trail an 8 with last month run at Lorong Halus being a 1.

Runners who are interested in knowing more about this series of run, check out the TNF Singapore FB page.

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