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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Launch of Brooks Pure Project

 I been waiting for the launch of the Brooks Pure Project series of shoes since it was launch in the US but Sportslink did not bring it in.

But it is finally here in Singapore, courtesy of Key Power International which has taken over the distribution of  Brooks shoes in Singapore. Hopefully, they will be able to raise the profile of Brooks shoes which has been languishing right at the bottom of the running shoes hierarchy here.

Key Power choosed to launch their distribution of the Brooks shoes with a bash at the sports hub, Velocity United Square. 

 On show was all the 4 shoes in the series, the Pure Connect, Pure Flow, Pure Cadence and the Pure Grit. So Brooks has at one go, released 3 shoes to fit all the standard category of runners and one for trail as well. The Pure Project shoes are meant to be Brooks answer to the barefoot/minimalist movement with its lightweight, flexibility and low heel to toe drop. But barefoot advocates will sniff and laugh at this imposer which comes with an arch support, cushioning and  thick sole.  The other unique feature of the shoe is its split toe between the big toe and 2nd toe. I am not too sure what is the purpose of that since it is neither here or there unlike the Five Fingers. If anything, I think it may cause problem for some people. However, without a proper run in the shoes, I will never know right?

Women Pure Connect
Men Pure Connect
 Brooks running shoes are now available at all 2XU outlets at Velocity, Marina Square, Queensway and Macpherson.

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