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Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Project Tummy Week 1

Times flies and 1 week is over since I start on Project Tummy.

Here's a recap of the week:

Wednesday 25/1/2012:  Went to the gym. Did 25 mins on the elliptical trainer and another 45 mins playing around with the weights machine.

Thursday 26/1/2012:  Running Day. Foot felt weird so decided to slack rest. Went through the motion of doing weights. Does that count as exercise?

Friday 27/1/2012:  Off day from work. Managed to get up early and went for a swim. 20 laps in 1 hour:(. Then had a rich expensive lunch. So much for all the calories that was burnt during the swim.

Saturday 28/1/2012:  Finally a real run. 11km slow and easy run. Followed by a buffet dinner in the night. Calories gained?

Sunday 29/1/2012: Supposed to join IMD and friends for another run. But the body is not agreeable to waking up early 3 days in a row. That plus the late night on Saturday. Made up for the missing run by doing a 25 minutes run in the early evening before going for another fat inducing dinner.

Monday 30/1/2012: Rest day but played around with the weights again.

Tuesday 31/1/2012: Another 25 mins run. The runs seem to be getting shorter and shorter.

Wednesday 1/2/2012: Another weigh in. Last week inaugural weigh in was 80/35 ie weight 80 waistline 35. 

Today weigh in: Surprise surprise 78.5/35! How about that? I had expected a gain or at best, same weight but a loss of 1.5? The weekly weight in is currently done first thing in the morning on Wednesday.To double check, weighed myself at the gym tonight and back home again. 78.3kg! Hmm I must be doing something right.This call for a celebration.Think I shall have my box of chocolate.

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