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Friday, March 02, 2012

Project Tummy Month 1

Finally 1 month has  passed since I embarked on Project Tummy.

Unfortunately, despite all the hard work, not much has changed. Sure, the weight has dropped a tad from 80kg when I first start to 77.5. It did dipped to 76.5 once but had generally hovered between 77 - 78. But it's okay there is still about slightly under 2 months to go to lose the balance 2.5kg. Shouldn't be too difficult as long as I remember to cut the calories. General consensus is I need to have a calorie loss of 500 per day to achieve the desired weight loss so it as simple as cutting out the chocolates and dessert. But first of course have to empty the fridge of all the chocolates from Christmas which means it kinda difficult to achieve.

But that is the easy part. The jingly tummy is still jingling away. Absolutely no change at all.

Crunches ain't going to help so the next so some drastic actions might be called liposuction????
Haha I don't have that type of money to burn so its back to the grinder:( Anybody got any suggestions to burn 2 inches off the waist?


  1. Keep at it. The more running you do the more toned you get. Definetly the best exercise you can. (aswell as swimming)