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Sunday, April 29, 2012

What's Next?

I just had a look at my previous half marathon races and I realised Bali is my slowest. I had thought Angkor Wat was the slowest since I took more pictures but surprisingly it was Bali. So the trend is very clear. I am getting slower and slower as the years goes by. Maybe I should do something to arrest the trend? Or what the heck just leave it and enjoy the experience?

Anyway, while looking at the half marathon races, I realised I had done a few of these in "tourist capital" of South East Asia namely, Bangkok, Penang, Seam Riep and Bali. Maybe I should aim to do a race in each of the tourist capital of South East Asia so that means Phuket and maybe one each in Philipines and Vietnam. Any idea what is the equivalent of Phuket & Bali in Philipines and Vietnam? And any races there?

The other thing is I haven't done a 10km race for a long time. The last race was in April 2010! Maybe I should do one this year. There are so many races this year. But which one? I like Republic Run - because it is one I haven't done before and also because it is in the afternoon and I don't have to wake up so early! Then there is the Jurong Lake Run. Another event I have not done and haven't heard much adverse news about. I quite like the Pocari Sweat Run but that one is so expensive.

And I am still mulling over doing a 50km race to celebrate my half a century coming of age this year.

Hmmmm what should I do/

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