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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Never Stop Exploring - Dead end Run

M didn't feel well this morning so we abandoned the plan to go East Coast for the weekly run. Laze around in bed before deciding to drag my bum up and out for a solo run but to where? In the end decided to just run anywhere. 

Hit the road about 7.30 am but fortunately the sun was a bit shy today and hiding behind the cloud. Went the usual route to the park before deciding to go into the mangrove boardwalk. After that came to the 2nd park went in between some concrete structure. Funny how come never came this way at all before? Finally exited through the private estate, huffing and puffing up the short slope. And from here, the adventure began.

First went up this trail that was covered in many places with mostly man-made obstacles. That should be the signal for me not to go this way but I persisted. At one stage, ran smack into a giant spider web and had web all over me even until I reached home! After climbing 2 artificial mounds and 1 low gate barrier, I came to this wide open trail.

After about 1km, I came to my first dead end. It wasn't exactly a dead end. There was a bridge, with a low gate that was padlocked. But more ominously, there was a sign that said it was a protected military area and no trespassers. Sighed.If there was no padlock gate, I would have just ran across, sign be damned but with a padlock and a military camp behind the bridge, I chickened out and did my first u-turn of the morning.

After about 200 metres, there was a small path and I decided to try my luck and came to this 'nice looking' place. A scene like in some movie where a giant croc will just spring out from the water. But lucky thing, there was no croc here.Instead, there was an old man. No he didn't spring out of the water. He was maintaining the water pump with which he used to pump sea water from the sea to the farm.

What farm? The fish farm lor. Right at the end of this muddy path. But the kindly uncle warned me not to proceed this way. He said got dogs which will bite. Of course, me being me, what is a few dogs? So instead of heeding his advice to turn back, I went up this path towards the dogs.

But first took a picture of the fish pond.

And true enough, after clearing the fish pond, came to a few buildings, presumably the fish farms. And that was where the dogs appeared. Not one, not two but three. They started barking aggressively. Barking dog seldom bite, so they said so I ignored them and continued to run which was when all 3 decided I looked easy meat and started chasing me. Never turn your back on a dog. So I wanted to turn round and confront them but I knew if they attacked, either I get injured or they get injured since I was pretty much bigger size than them and I reckoned I could easily kick them into the fish pond. Ha ha ha. But the battle was avoided when a lady voice ran out and called off the hounds. Whew!

So me continued my exploring until it came to a stop at this "stream". 2nd dead end. Okay, I could try to bash through and wade across but I didn't want to get my shoes too dirty so no choice did a 1.5km detour which brought me out to the main road before coming back on the opposite bank. 

After another 1 km of road, came to this place. The place stinks! But I persisted only to be rewarded with my 3rd dead end. Sighed. How come so suay? Turned back on the stinking trail and just decided to follow whatever available routes and there were plenty.

Like this wet and muddy trail. There were many of them crisscrossing here and there and I went through most of them.

One of the place I wanted to run to was an old place I ran before last year. And I finally found the way to it only to see that the path has been overtaken by the plants. Anybody can recognise this place? Clue - the metal chain in the middle of the picture. So my third dead end.

Finally, came upon this beautiful pond. Only it is not a pond but a big puddle right in the middle of the path and beyond that like no more place to go. 4th dead end and time to go home. 

Total 16km at a nice easy pace with the sun occasionally coming out to light the world. Back home, I discovered there were still strands of spiderweb all over me. Now I wondering, did any spider hitched a ride on me home?

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