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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Wedding Bells

Certainly not mine. Wedding bells that is. And no, I didn't get the blog mixed up and posted in the wrong blog.

Over the past years, I had the privilege to attend a few weddings of my running friends. Of these, 2 weddings stood out because the lovely couples met while running. Last Friday, I had the privilege of attending another wedding made while running.

Maybe it is a sign of old age but I am always glad to hear of somebody getting married. I am a strong believer in marriage (but only if it is between man and woman) I have many running friends and acquaintances. Last I checked, my FB running friends account for more than 70% of my friends on FB. Unfortunately, of these, I know know of only a few couples; in fact I think less than 5; who run together. At the same time, there are many  ladies and gentlemen who are running and still single. 

To these singles, instead of continuously chasing that PB or running longer and longer distance, why not take some time off and look closely at the young lady running next to you in the group. Or how about that hunk leading the run? Get to know each other better. Don't be shy. My suggestions for the guys: Go up to the girl and jio her for a run out of the usual runs that you do. Ladies, no need to be shy. Just asked that handsome dude for some running tips and pretend to be a little bit lost and watch him sweep you off your feet.

Over the wedding dinner of this latest couple to get hitched, I remarked to good friend, IMD (sorry ladies he is no longer available) that maybe he should organise some sort of "speed dating" run. I am sure he will meet with good response. And if anybody get hitched as a result of this post, don't forget to invite this old matchmaker:)

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