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Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Why Running Sucks?

Somebody, actually quite a lot of people asked me why I named my blog "Running Sucks" when obviously I enjoyed running. Yes why running sucks?

I said it here before.

Getting up early in the morning when one can be sleeping soundly!
All the sweaty and smelly body!
Huffing and puffing, struggling to breathe
And its an expensive hobby - new shoes every 6 months, supplements, massage, and woes if there are injuries
And don't forget the delayed onset muscle syndrome!
Why do we bother to put ourselves through all this?

More reasons from netizens:

10 reasons here and another even better 10 reasons here and this long winding rant

So why am I running so much if it really sucks?

Seriously I don't know.  Sometime I ask myself the same questions and then I went for my run and I forget everything. Those who don't run, won't understand this. For non runners reading this, give running a try. Do a few runs, join a race and you will know running sucks and yet its .........................


  1. Interesting blog :)

  2. Haha, running is actually a pretty cheap "sport" compared to others, but as a hobby, the shoes coils get pretty expensive.