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Monday, July 30, 2012

Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2012

It never amazes me the appetite the running community has for races. Races are sold out within weeks of opening for registration like the Nike Run and in the not too distant past, the Shape Run when it was sponsored by Nike. Same with the year end marathon. That is usually one of the fastest moving race despite it having a course capacity of more than 60,000.

This year was not exception. The race opens for registration on 6 July, a Friday. People started queuing overnight from 3 pm the previous day. Now I really don't know what is the point. Sure, there are some incentives like free registration, some freebies but is it worth the long overnight queue? Surely, the time spent wasted there is worth more when put to more productive use? 

As at the date of this post, the Ekiden, the 10km and the half marathon has already closed and only the full marathon and the kids run are still available. And that despite complaints of congestion, overpriced race, ugly event tees, poor transport arrangement blah blah blah.....

Just make me wonder, just exactly what is the attraction there in taking part in a over hyped,over crowded event? If it is the full marathon that is filled up, I will understand since there is only 2 full marathons a year in Singapore and that is more a challenge. For 10km races, at last count, there are another 9 races available from now till the end of the year and as for half marathon, there are 2 + the new and novel 9+22 km Passion Run and the Great Eastern Women 10k. So what is the attraction?

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