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Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Running Shots

A friend, Marcus Lim took his interest in running and photography, put them together and came up with Running Shots. After going it alone for a while, and with the ever increasing number of races,  he roped in a few other fellas including me to join in the effort.

The objective of Running Shots is simply to take photographs of runners at races and then upload them online for the benefits of the runners. Consequently, the emphasis is not quality but quantity although we will try our best to take good pictures. But as long as the face is visible and identifiable and the picture does not look like it was taken by someone riding on a roller coaster, we will upload the photos to the group page on Facebook and website for free. Yes absolutely free to download the photo, print them and share them with friends on Facebook, Twitter and other social media but....

As per  common law every where, the rights to the photographs belong to the photographers of Running Shots and not the person whose picture has been taken. Therefore, while we may be proud and happy that you like our photo, you may not have them published in any other media like magazine, newspaper or commercial website. However, we will in most cases give our consent to the publication if we are asked provided credit for the photo is attributed to Running Shots and/or the photographer. Of course, passing off the photographs as your own and using them to join photography contests is a "no no" and we will not hesitate to ask the contest organiser to remove the photos if we come across such cases.

Event organiser who would like Running Shots to cover the events may write to Running Shots at

Meanwhile, runners if you see a photographer along the race route, smile, wave and who knows, your photo may appear on Running Shots!

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