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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Week 1 Training

The haze took a breather this week and so I managed to do a full week of training. 

Started the training on Monday with an easy 8 km run round the Pasir Ris Park. No haze and the runners were out in full force. Air was pretty fresh next to the sea.

On Tuesday, as planned, we went to Safra Mt Faber. Singapore got no mountain but still got to try doing hills. Started from Safra and ran via Henderson Road to Morse Road and made our way up to the summit and then down to Kampong Bahru side. Along the way saw many speedy runners from Safra. Think they were on the way back. How in the world do they manage to start so early? We made a u-turn and ran back up to the top before going back down to Morse Rd and back to Safra. Total distance was slightly over 8 km. Not as tough as I had thought but then again its only about 100 metres high. The up part was about 1.1 km with a gradual rise of probably 30 degrees. Think probably good for another loop but its okay,  start slow and progress slowly.

Did a short interval on Thursday. The idea is to do all sort of training runs to cover all base. Haha. Maybe a bit unscientific but I think good for getting the lungs to work hard. May need that later.

Wrapped up the week with a run at Bukit Timah. The original plan was to do at least 20 km but got a bit lazy and ended up just slightly over 17 km. Did the usual route from Ngee Ann Poly to Diary Farm via the KTM track and the Dairy Farm Quarry. Went into the Wallace Trail but got stuck behind a group of uncle and aunties hikers and who refused to give way on the narrow trail. One of them was blasting Air Supply on his phone or MP3 player for everybody to hear! What an inconsiderate bunch of fellas! Made our way up to the  Bukit Timah summit via the Regas(?) Path. Again got stuck behind another group of mainly lady walkers and again these people did not observe proper trail etiquette and blocked us from moving forward. First time Molly went up this way and she found it very tiring like what I experience when I went up this place the first time. 

That it for week 1. Hopefully the haze will continue to stay away and we can go into week 2 smoothly.

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