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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Why I Run

I started running only like in 2005. And despite many injuries over the years, I am still running today. Why do  I run? Do I run to keep fit? Lose weight? Lose fat? Or am I addicted to running? Honestly, I started out just out of curiosity. Then to lose weight and lose fat. Then it became a challenge to beat the clock. Now with age catching up, it is no longer about beating the clock. And I think I am of the right weight now. The fat around the belly - that one will never go away considering the amount of food I eat a day. 

So that leaves running to keep fit. But then again, I think I fall sick more often as a runner than before I started running. That is kinda oxymoron. Run more and fall sick more. But many runners have the same problem. Why? I think because we stress our body too much and when the body is stressed and we continue to run, we will fall sick more easily.

Anyway, I now run because? I really don't know. Maybe this guy can explain it better:


  1. Been running regularly since 2005 too. I used to fall sick and get injured a lot too because of running, even to the point of missing races etc. Sad.

    But that has stopped for the last year (*cross fingers*). Cleaned up my diet (especially the minimising wheat products part, which causes inflammation, more whole foods, etc) and, more importantly, since I've put on a heart rate monitor, learned what my limits are, when to push and when to stop.

    But i'm sure you know that already :)

  2. Could it be diet? Like Isman above, I found that eating clean helps!