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Friday, December 06, 2013

Those Freaking Arrogant Ang Moh

I like to think that I am not a racist but sometime I love to stick it up to those frigging ang moh who still think that white is supreme and only they can dictate to the world what the rest of the world should do. 

I have blogged more than once about bad encounter with ang moh whilst running here. There are also videos floating around of arrogant ang moh cyclists riding on our road. I know there are many nice ang moh and I have met many while running at the Running Lab weekly run but reading these comments on the site where I upload my run details, it makes me wonder ... are those loudmouth the minority or do the majority of ang moh feels the same way:

There this thread on the SCMS cheating guy on the Runningahead forum but somehow some frigging yayapapaya fellas got round to "suaning" Singapore:

And this guy. Is he for real?

It was the same when DC Rainmaker came last year and made some disparaging remarks about our running scene when he ran the Brooks Happy Run. Read about it here.

Maybe I am too sensitive but I hope these fellas really come here, do a real race and let see them do a sub 2:50 in our weather!

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