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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Running in Hakone

We were staying in Hakone and right behind our inn was a beautiful river. Despite the cold, I couldn't resist doing a run so the day after we checked in, I dragged myself up from my cosy Japanese style bed to do a short run along the Hayakawa River.

There were many birds flying in and out looking for fish. The water was very shallow although it changed 2 days later after a downpour. Along the banks are many traditional Japanese houses and rivers. Against it all, is a beautiful hill which I think is a volcano.

The view from the start looking to my left (west)

The view from the start looking to my right (east)

A closer look at the river with its man-made waterfall

Lots of hills 

 Traditional Japanese houses. Most of them are inns

Another part of the river

 Would have love to go hiking if the weather was not so cold here

Very interesting way to overcome shortage of space for car parking

 The Volcano I think

Maybe one day I will return to this place and do some trail running followed by a nice session at an onsen

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