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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Singapore Sports Hub

The new Singapore Sports Hub and National Stadium has now been opened for about a month and during this period, the public are free to use some of the facilities. Like all the curious people, we went to look see look see.

Unlike the old National Stadium which is just a sports stadium with a cluster of smaller facilities nearby, the new stadium is housed in an integrated complex. The new complex called the Sports Hub have beside the stadium, an aquatic centre with swimming and diving facilities, tennis, badminton and basketball courts. There are also beach volleyball courts, watersports facilities for sailing, kayaking and dragon boating. 

The main complex comes with a retractable roof so no more wet soccer pitch

There is also a 880 metres running track outside the stadium itself for the public to run around.
The sidekick doing the obligatory run round the stadium
The new stadium beside the retractable roof also has arrangeable plastic seats. Somehow it feels a bit different from the nice wooden seats which has since been turned into decorative benches and placed all over Singapore.

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