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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Pernaton Gel

There has been studies out there claiming that glucosamine is not really effective for joint pain and treatment. But I have been using a combination of pills and cream since 2006 and I am a firm believer that even if it doesn't heal, at least it is effective in warding off knee pain. I have been running and now more than 8 years after my knee problems, I am still running without any major problems. Sure there are the occasional aches and pains but nothing really problematic like runner knees and I attribute this to my constant use of glucosamine.

Usually I am game to try new products and so when I was given a tube of Pernaton Gel to try, I was most happy to do so.

What exactly is Pernaton Gel. 

"Pernaton Gel is an unique massage gel, contains the original Perna extract and the vital GAGs extracted from Green Lipped Mussels. GAGs consists of naturally occurring glucosamine and other amino sugars"

In another word, Pernaton Gel is actually glucosamine and therefore suitable for the elderly to maintain joints mobility, sports people for joint maintenance and generally anybody with joint problems caused by osteoarthritis.

Most glucosamine extracts are from shellfish while a minority are from grains. According to the manufacturer, what set Pernaton gel apart from other in the market is that it is made in Switzerland and from mussels farmed off the coast of uncontaminated water of New Zealand and not manufactured in some "Asian" country with shellfish of unknown background! (My words - not the manufacturer)

According to the local distributor, many of her clients have expressed satisfaction with the result. This was especially evidenced in the elderly who suffered from osteoarthritis of the finger joints.

But the prove of the pudding must of course comes from the eating and after using it for the past 3 weeks (no I didn't eat it), did I see any results? Unfortunately to be honest, since I have not been experiencing knee pain, I really cannot tell. For sure, I like the nice smell and the non-greasy gel. I especially like that it does not have the strong menthol/campor  smell which a lot of other brands put in as a pain reliever. Another plus point for this product is that it is very reasonably priced if you buy it online from It cost more at the retail outlets though. 

For those who are experiencing knee pain or suffering from joint pains due to osteoarthritis, I highly recommend trying this out. After all, there is really no harm. It is cheaper than most other brands in the market costing less than the price of a dinner at a mid priced restaurant and if there is no improvement after using a tube, just move on to the next available brand. What do you got to lose?

Non greasy, Nice smell, Handy size
Dislikes: Errr nil so far but a word of caution - it may not be suitable for those with seafood allergies since it contains extracts from mussels

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