Thursday, November 20, 2014

Pernaton Gel

There has been studies out there claiming that glucosamine is not really effective for joint pain and treatment. But I have been using a combination of pills and cream since 2006 and I am a firm believer that even if it doesn't heal, at least it is effective in warding off knee pain. I have been running and now more than 8 years after my knee problems, I am still running without any major problems. Sure there are the occasional aches and pains but nothing really problematic like runner knees and I attribute this to my constant use of glucosamine.

Usually I am game to try new products and so when I was given a tube of Pernaton Gel to try, I was most happy to do so.

What exactly is Pernaton Gel. 

"Pernaton Gel is an unique massage gel, contains the original Perna extract and the vital GAGs extracted from Green Lipped Mussels. GAGs consists of naturally occurring glucosamine and other amino sugars"

In another word, Pernaton Gel is actually glucosamine and therefore suitable for the elderly to maintain joints mobility, sports people for joint maintenance and generally anybody with joint problems caused by osteoarthritis.

Most glucosamine extracts are from shellfish while a minority are from grains. According to the manufacturer, what set Pernaton gel apart from other in the market is that it is made in Switzerland and from mussels farmed off the coast of uncontaminated water of New Zealand and not manufactured in some "Asian" country with shellfish of unknown background! (My words - not the manufacturer)

According to the local distributor, many of her clients have expressed satisfaction with the result. This was especially evidenced in the elderly who suffered from osteoarthritis of the finger joints.

But the prove of the pudding must of course comes from the eating and after using it for the past 3 weeks (no I didn't eat it), did I see any results? Unfortunately to be honest, since I have not been experiencing knee pain, I really cannot tell. For sure, I like the nice smell and the non-greasy gel. I especially like that it does not have the strong menthol/campor  smell which a lot of other brands put in as a pain reliever. Another plus point for this product is that it is very reasonably priced if you buy it online from It cost more at the retail outlets though. 

For those who are experiencing knee pain or suffering from joint pains due to osteoarthritis, I highly recommend trying this out. After all, there is really no harm. It is cheaper than most other brands in the market costing less than the price of a dinner at a mid priced restaurant and if there is no improvement after using a tube, just move on to the next available brand. What do you got to lose?

Non greasy, Nice smell, Handy size
Dislikes: Errr nil so far but a word of caution - it may not be suitable for those with seafood allergies since it contains extracts from mussels

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Laksa Run (The Remake)

In 2006 when social group running was still in its infancy, I joined a group of the Sgrunners for what was known as the Laksa Run where we ran, took photos and end up with a nice meal. Since then, such group run has ran out of fashion with so many races every weekend. 

Fast forward 8 years later and finally we have a remake of the Laksa Run!  This is the then and now photo.
Photo Credit: Jancy
But so much has changed since then. For one thing, the railway track is no longer there. Now this place is called the Green Corridor. And of course back then quite a lot of people have much more hair. Now some have less - almost to zero! And some are of course no longer into running. And last but not least of the original cast of 15, only 4 turned up this time round. Can you identify them?

One of the highlight and sometimes bane of this sort of run is the crazy time taken to cover the route. Like this run which has a distance of just under 10 km but we took more than 1 hour 30 minutes to complete it stopping constantly to "smell flowers" and take photos. Of course it didn't help that there were plenty of slopes to challenge our creaking joints.

Up the slope at Kent Ridge Park
Up another slope at another part of Kent Ridge Park
The infamous zig zig path at Hort Park
Plenty of slope at Canterbury estate
 There used to be a tank here but it is gone now replaced by this information board.

Canterbury estate has plenty of this type of beautiful black and white bungalow. The air is so fresh and crisp here. 

The last stretch down the Alexandra Park Trail before our final destination

Our final destination. This claypot laksa at Alexandra Village Food Centre.

Our reward after 1 hour 45 minutes of sweat and toil. 

Sighed... the things we do to burn away the calories so that we can enjoy sinful delicious food.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Arthur's Seat, Edinburgh, Scotland

In Edinburgh, we were a bit lost what to do. We had visited the Royal Mile the day before and didn't particularly fancy going back there. We also had no desire to visit castles and museums of which there are plenty.

Then we discovered Arthur's Seat, an extinct volcano. But we didn't know that. We only knew there was a hiking trail just 20 minutes walk from our B&B and there was a small hill to climb. After getting direction from the boss of the B&B, we walked and came to this place with this signboard

Alright, we were right on target. No losing the way this time round.

And this was our target or so we thought.

But actually this is just the first of the range we got to climb to get to the top which is this one.

Yep, the pointy one right at the back at the far left corner

The climb up the 250 metres summit was fairly easy and straight forward. We could follow this road 

Or just walk up the side of the hill

In cool weather, the climb up was much easier than climbing our 163 metres Bukit Timah Hill. But even at a miserly 250 metres, the view it offered of the surrounding city of Edinburgh was stunning. 

The view of Edinburgh at mid point

And the views from the summit

Yes we almost there at the summit

 I want to fly up instead of climb up

And we there

Coming down, we transverse another few hills with tracks and trails leading left right centre

This has got to be a trail runners dream training ground. And indeed there were a few runners criss crossing the hills.  How I wish I was dressed for running!

And then there this ruins of an old abbey which overlooks one of the smallest loch in Scotland and a real life Palace!

St Margaret Loch

Holyrood Palace

But all good things must come to an end and so finally we reluctantly made our way down to find lunch. Now who want to join me come here chiong sua?

Monday, November 10, 2014

Puma Faas 300 V3

My very first pair of Puma running shoes was the Mobium. I didn't really like it initially but it kinda grew on me and I am still wearing it for daily runs and it has clocked more than 600 km and still look none the worst for wear. So when Puma wanted to pass me a pair to try on, I was hoping to get the Mobium Elite V2 but instead I was given the Faas 300 V3. I had a shock when I realised that the shoe comes with an 8 mm heel to toe drop. The past few shoes I had was either 0 or at most 4mm drop so this was going to be something new to try on. 

Anyway, since I don't know anything about the shoe, I had to quickly find out more about it from the Puma website. So here are the usual mumbo jumbo.

The first impression I had when I got it was wow. It looks rather nice. And it was in red to add to my collection of red shoes.

Design: I like the speckles of grey that is scattered all over the shoes. Apparently, they are luminous and reflect light making it a good shoe to wear for night running.

I also like that the length of the tongue was not too long and not too short. Some shoes come with super long  tongue which brushes against the ankle or too short that the top shoe laces lies on top of the foot instead of the tongue. This one is just about right. And it has some nice codes on it. I am sure those words there mean something but what I am not exactly sure:)

The heel counter was also just right and this is one of the few rare pair of shoes when I did not get any hot spot at the heel even though I wear mainly low ankle socks. The heel  counter grip well and give fairly adequate support.

Weight: Coming in at about 230 gm for my size 12, I must say this is super light considering that it has a very thick looking sole.

Cushioning: Cushioning is more than adequate with Puma FaasFoam+ midsole and EverRide+ forefoot blown rubber. However, not being used to too much cushioning nowadays, I feel that it hinders more than enhance my run. 

Traction: So far I did about 35 km in this shoe covering a fairly wide range of surfaces except for trails. I even worn it for the Puma Night Run 2014 where the route surfaces included tarmac, pavement and some uneven slate ground. I also ran in it during a heavy downpour over extremely wet ground with a lot of puddles and the grip was terrific. Probably because Puma uses what it calls EverTrack high abrasion resistant rubber. On top of that, I believe the design of the sole helps as well.

Flexibility: The shoe is pretty flexible. Again the design of the sole helps a lot allowing for smooth toe off and transition. I didn't get any arch pain or discomfort unlike what I first felt when I worn the Puma Mobium Elite.

Water Proofing: The upper is made up of a air mesh which means that water can get in easily. As it was, I was caught in a heavy downpour during one of the run and water got in almost immediately. But it also drained out pretty fast. 

Overall, I quite like the shoe despite the 8mm drop. It didn't really affects the running as much as I feared maybe because I am still wearing the Mobium which also has an 8mm drop. The only thing I didn't like was the rather narrow toe box which could potential give problem over longer distance. So far the longest distance I ran in them was 15 km but it has yet to give me problem so I could be wrong about it. Nevertheless, I feel that this will be a good everyday shoe for training, short fast run rather than long runs or marathons. And at S$130.00 I think it is a good buy compared to the much more expensive more well established shoes available.


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