Saturday, September 06, 2014

Puma Night Run

Themed run are popular here in Singapore and it seems apparel sponsored races are just as popular if not more. Ever  since Mizuno kicked off its Mizuno Wave Run, the other apparels have jumped on the bandwagon. There was Nike with its Nike We Run and Nike Women Run, Adidas with its King of the Road Series, Newton Challenge, Brooks Happy Run and now the latest to join the club Puma with its inaugural Puma Night Run

To kick off its first race in Singapore, Puma has seen it fit to have it at Sentosa instead of the usual Marina Promenade. It promises a challenging route with a portion of the route that is normally not opened to the public and a prize money of up to $9,000.00. On top of that, participants can get to party at the Sentosa Wavehouse with performances by local acts plus go wave surfing of course.

On top of the unique race experience, for those wondering what their $59 registration fee will get them, there is a Puma tee, Puma shoe bag and a Puma towel. Plus of course the usual medal and other sponsored gifts and vouchers.

To ensure there is no over-crowding and participants get to enjoy the experience, entry is limited to only 3000 participants. Registration closes 14 September 2014 so for those looking for a different running experience in a different setting, this could be it. 

For more details, go to the Puma Night Run website here

Monday, September 01, 2014

The Problem with Singapore Races

Went down to the Army Half Marathon to take photos yesterday morning. Me and Marcus, my Boss at Running Shots decided that we wanted to be nearer the finishing line. So we parked at Adelphi and walked over to the Padang. To our surprise, at Coleman Street we were stopped by a army boy who told us the road was closed. That we understand so we told the army boy we were walking on the pavement and not driving on the road. But no go, his instruction was the road and the pavement was closed to everybody, car and human. So we had to detour. And it was the same further down the road next to the Supreme Court at Parliament Lane. Eventually we had to walk all the way down to the Singapore River before we can get to the Esplanade Bridge.

This just proved my point that Singapore is not a race friendly place - not for the participants or for the spectators. Like the Shape Run 2 weeks ago. Somewhere towards the end, the 5 Km and 10 km crossed path and when I said crossed path, I meant it literally. The runners literally has to run across each other path in a X manner  - the 10 km runners coming from the right and cutting to the left while the 5 km runners came from the left and cut across to the right!

And one of my pet peeve is that whenever there is a major race at East Coast Park, the service road is closed to traffic and so spectators and runners alike have to make their way there from Marine Parade or park at the faraway car park.

And don't get me started on the ungodly hours that races are flagged off. Even 10 km races are flagged off at 6.30 am! Whatever for?

It would seems that race organiser are only concerned with getting the sign up rate and everything else is secondary. As long as there are suckers who continues to sign up for races despite all the bad service and high fees, the organisers will not bother to improve and get their act right.

As for me, I voted with my feet long ago. No more local races unless it is a real cheap or unique race that I think is worth my money and early wake up!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Theme Runs Galore

The Singapore race scene has really heated up. From just 4 races in the month of January this year, there are now 11 races in the month of August alone and another 9 in September and that not counting the odd Triathlon and weird odd races.

But the latest in thing in running events is not the multitudes of 10 km races or the Ultra (there seems to be one every month) but theme races. Theme run are all the rage now and none so than the upcoming Hello Kitty Run.

The Hello Kitty Run has sold out its 15000 slots even before registration opens and at $65 per registration, that is a cool $1m in the pocket for the organiser.

If my memory serves me correctly, last year was the year when the themed race from overseas came to our shore. It started with the Color Run, which was sold out even though it was spread over 2 days and ended with the Run for your Lives, a Zombies themed Run. In between there were the Electric Run and Commando Challenge. 4 in total.

This year, there are at least 7 most of which are sold out. The last one with a cartoon character to cause great excitement was the Garfield Run and now we have the Hello Kitty Run. 

What's next? Snoopy Run? Or Mickey Mouse Run?

Sunday, August 24, 2014

New Shoes

It has been a long long time since I have so many pairs of new running shoes. But I reckoned it time to retire some of my running shoes and I am mighty excited at what I have to replace them with.

First on the list is my 4th pair of Saucony Kinvara. This is my 2nd pair of Kinvara 3.

I bought this a few months ago at the Royal Sporting House when there was a 50% discount. I guess the hefty discount was due to the Kinvara 4 being out for some time and the release of the Kinvara in other countries and they were trying to get rid of the number 3. Number 3 suits me fine though and if it ain't broken, why fix it? And at 50% discount I can't go wrong, not with my current pair hitting over 700km and although a bit worn out at the sole, still giving good support.

This is the left sole of the current shoe. Having clocked 708 km, I think it is still in pretty good shape. For the record, I managed to clocked 661 km on my earlier Kinvara 2 so who says Saucony shoes are not lasting?

Next new pair is my first Skechers. I been meaning to get a pair of Skechers Go Run since I first read about it but flinched at the price. But now that Go Run 3 is available, the price of Go Run 2 has finally been reduced and I managed to get a pair at $89.00! 

This will be my everyday training shoes to replace my Puma Mobium which despite my earlier apprehension has served me well and is still in good condition despite clocking more than 500 km todate.

Last but not least, is my first "new season" shoes. It has been a long time since I have a brand new first season shoes and for that matter, a free shoe to trial but here it is. The New Balance 980 Fresh Foam Trail courtesy of New Balance Singapore and Trail Running Singapore.

Ain't it a beauty? Unfortunately, trialling this will have to wait as I am giving trail running a short break while I focus on my training for my next attempt on a road ultra. And beside, I still have 2 relatively new trail shoes still waiting for me to pick them up.


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