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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Accept thyself

Read an article in the Sunday Times about exercising for senior citizen and how exercise can slow down aging. Tried out this web site: Real Age. I scored well - real age is 38 instead of my current 42 going on 43 although don't really look like it. Hair is all white so got the Mrs to dye it dark brown but it turned out jet black so now look so artificial.

Over the weekend was looking at the old photo albums. Amazing, from skinny to fat and now back to skinny. Have I overdone the exercise and running? Lost a lot of weight from around the cheek but the beer belly is still there - don't think it's possbile to get rid of it. But still, I am at my optimum BMI for my height so don't think I want to lose any more.

Nowadays a lot of people especially the young ladies are going for the skinny look. Some of them especially the actress are already so skinny yet they are still trying to lose weight. Where got the fat to lose? They are setting a bad example for their fans. The only way to lose weight and fat is to exercise and eat right not pop some miracle pills. Haven't the Slim 10 case makes these people wiser?

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