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Friday, August 19, 2005

Be Prepared

Wednesday, I started formal training for the year end marathon. Not that I have not been in training. Weekly I have run on average 25 - 30k as part of the preparation for the marathon. But the difficulty was finding time to run long distance on weekdays. But last week, my running buddy gave me an article from the Runners World magazine. It is a 3 time a week training program for the full marathon with detailed training program for 16 weeks. It basically comprises of a speed work, a tempo run and a long run per week. Looks feasible but most of all it promises to help reduce body fat and improve timing. Wow.

So I had my first speed work - running 8 x 400 intervals. Not too bad. But at such fast pace, will I get injured easily - or will I burnout? Maybe I should have a plan B?

But I suppose one can never be fully prepared for all eventualities.

Look at poor Andrew Kuan. That guy started in 1999 preparing for a presidential bid in 2005 - one should think more than enough time to think of everything yet despite that - he never plan for all his contacts to sabo him!

Oh well I suppose just train and prepare as best as can be and hope for the best.

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