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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Money equal justice?

Damm! What a time to get the flu or is it the common cold? Never can tell the difference! Need to pysche myself up so that can run this Sunday.

Read about the American guy who was arrested for bringing in porno DVD. Can't believe the police buy his story that the dvds belongs to his brother and was accidentally packed in. Such they may or may not belong to his brother but it was definitely shipped over for him to enjoy! 1 piece I believe is a mistake but 58? Only an idiot will believe such crap!

Unfortunately, this just goes to show that even in Singapore, if you have money and connections, you still can get away with breaking the law. Look at the poor Malay chap with the low IQ. No lawyer to defend him and what he kena? An increased jail sentence. Who the hell advised him to appeal? Now if this Malay guy has money and the right family background, somebody will have arranged for him to be warded and the sentence to be compounded.

I guess Singapore is no different from any other countries after all!

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