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Monday, August 08, 2005

Run Free

Yesterday at Suntec City I had my first feel of the new Nike Free running shoes. It was amazingly soft and flexible. According to Nike, "athletes who train barefoot see improvement in their strength and flexibility; by mimicking that movement, Nike Free delivers the protection of footwear with the benefit of barefoot running"

I must said that I am impressed with the shoe. It is amazingly light, soft and flexible. The broken up ridges on the sole allows it to be bend any which way. And of course, coming from Nike, the design is fantastic. The only pooper - it cost a hefty $146+

I remembered when I was a full time NS man in the early 80s. We were giving a pair of black canvas shoe. The sole was so thin it was almost like running barefoot. It was lightweight and soft being made entirely of canvas and so flexible due to the thin rubber sole. Sound familiar? To all of us recruit, it was as good as running barefoot only the sole prevent us from cutting our feet on the road. The cost of the shoe? Probably not more than $10.00.

So why pay so much more for a glorified version of it?

I say bring on the good old canvas shoe!

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