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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Running from God

A friend emailed me yesterday and asked why I stopped going to church and why don't I go again. I considered telling her that I am always busy running on Sunday morning and got no time for church. Then I understand nowadays church services goes on almost the whole Sunday - early morning to evening so no good excuse there.

Yeah indeed? Why did I stopped going to church? Thinking back trying to recall the reasons - I was a pretty active church member in my youth and then sadly at the church where I worshipped, the English and Chinese service had a disagreement and split up with the English service (which was where I worshipped moving to AMK). That was too far for me in town so I switched to another church. Big mistake I supposed. I was never made to feel welcome there and nobody actively approached me to take me under his wing. I never felt a sense of belonging and eventually just stopped going altogether.

I know a lot of people who when they grow old turns to religion. I never considered myself a non-Christian and sometimes in my moments of misery, will whisper a silence prayer to God for strenght. Now that I'm past the big 4, I often think of God.

So should I go to church? or continue running on Sunday mornings? or am I just running from God?

1 comment:

  1. Going to church sometimes can be so hard. you never know if you will be accepted and if no one gives you a second glance, it seems pointless.

    It doesn't sound like you are running from God, it just sounds like you ran from church. But, either way, i guess i like that He never gives up on us.