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Saturday, March 04, 2006


No, it's not my wedding anniversary but this month marks the 2nd anniversary of my love affair - with running! To celebrate the occasion, ran back from office to home last night. As I ran, I reflected on the past 2 years:

I have come a long way since than. It all started when the Company came up with a gym membership for us at Planet Fitness. I followed a colleague who was than into body building to the gym. From doing the warm up on the threadmill, I progressed to running in the parks. Than another colleague, a seasoned runner came along and he started encouraging me to run further. By the end of 2004 in just 9 months, I had finished a half marathon and a full marathon - something that I had never dream possible.

As I looked back and recall the many milestones:

My first 2km run: I was gasping for breath in just 2 minutes. The air was literally being sucked out of me. My legs felt like lead. It was hell. Now - 20km is the norm and I trying to do a 9.30 for a 2.4km although this still seems like a pipe dream.

My first run at Bedok Reservoir many years ago. It was with a brother in law. He ran the full 4.3km and me - I started walking from the pump room onward. Today, I can do 3 - 4 rounds of Bedok Reservoir without any problem. My brother in law is still doing 1 round!

The first time I ran to Bedok reservoir from home. I was so apprehensive whether I could complete the journey - I took along cash and the ezylink card just in case I need to take the bus home.

My first half marathon. My longest run prior to that was jus 2 20km run at East Coast Park and yet I managed to finish the AHM in 2:02 which I later found out was very respectable indeed.

My bulging belly disappeared. I had to discard all my trousers and purchased new ones which made me very happy. The lump of fats is still there. It's hasn't totally gone away but at least now it is no longer visible through the shirts.

I met this group of 'siow' runners at and end up with a whole new opportunity for running

Running along East Coast Park in the cool evening breeze, running past beginners struggling alone, I feel good. I no longer consider myself a newbie in running and has volunteered to lead the runs at Running Lab Thursday Night Run. It's gave me great satisfaction to see new runners like the Mrs and the other ladies run further and further each week.

Here to more good years of running!


  1. Tekko,

    very inspirational and motivational. A story that should be shared with as many people as possible to get them to pick up running as a 'Way Of Life'.. A Healthy Way Of Life