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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

3rd month Anniversary

Today is the 3 month anniversary of my knee operation. What was intended as a simple meniscus repair job has turned into - in the words of the physio 'massive mulitple injuries' nightmare. What was supposed to be a 8 weeks recovery period has morphed into 3 months and counting with no sight of when I can get the go ahead from the doc to resume running.

Progress is encouraging though. Right now I onto the cross training + stationery bike + swimming - very boring and not very adrelin inducing stuff but at least it keep me fit and counter balance my calorie intake.

This coming Sunday is the ultimate running event for Singapore and I have to be contended to be the sideshow and not a participant. Anyway - for all my friends taking part - be it 10K (Karen, Astrogal + ???), 21k (the past and present VRP gals), my dear Mrs, Bee, Reno, Divey +++++++) and the full marathon people - all the best. May the forces be with you.

Monday, November 27, 2006


Had a pretty slacked week.

Monday - Chest + lower body workout at home
Tuesday - Lower body workout in gym + stationery bike 30 mins + biceps workout at home
Wednesday - Swim 26 laps (app. 1km) + physio at CGH SMC + triceps workout at home
Thursday - Zit. Picked up Mrs no time to workout
Friday - Zero. Went SCSM collection. No time to workout
Saturday - Rained out. Managed to do back + lower body workout
Sunday - Finally, stationery bike 30 mins, EFX trainer 30 minutes + lower body workout + shoulder

Been getting lazier. Not much motivation to push hard. Have started gaining weight. Still not too bad though - 1 kg in 3 months. Stamina have dropped considerably but trying to gain back, got do speedwork:- 2 short runs this week - once when caught in the rain and had to run 100 metres to the hospital and another time chase after the bus on the way to Suntec. Sprint 20 metres. Yeah big deal:)

Only workout I do on a very regular basis is the mouth & stomach - ha ha ha!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Bottle Tree Village

Was at the Zoo Sunday afternoon. After that, since already in the North, decided to go look for Bottle Tree Village, which Dasher had mentioned before in his run blog. Turned up Sembawang Rd, went all the way to the end and up to Canberra Dr. Just drove around as had absolutely no idea where the place was. Then spotted some black and white bungalows and remembered there was some mention of them as well. Turned in and drove along some very narrow road until exited at Sembawang Park and lo and behold! there was a sign that says 'Bottle Tree Village...' Wah damn lucky followed the signs and travelled along a even more narrow road and finally reached the place.

It was really a picture out of a postcard. The place really looked like one of those suburb building in Australia. Beautiful.

But here, the place is actually a restaurant. I could see a lot of people even though it was only 6.30 pm. I can imagine having barbecues buffet like what we had in Perth many years ago. Unfortunately, the place serves the usual Singaporean seafood zhi-char. And it wasn't so good. It saving grace - the price was very reasonable.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Went for another session of physiotheraphy. Met Kickjazz there and had a short chat with her. She had some shin bone fracture and calves pain for some time now. Her physio is the new girl Jennifer who replaced my physio Megan. This is Kick's third session and she was saying that she could do all the exercises herself and didn't think the sessions was benefiting her.

It sounded so familiar. I too was thinking along this line way back in January this year when I first started physio. After a few sessions, I felt I was getting nowhere and was just paying for a personal trainer. So I quitted when there was no pain after I switched to a new pair of shoes.

Unfortunately, when the knee problems began, I had no choice but to go back. Then Megan took me through many physio sessions to strenghten the leg in preparation for the surgery. Even Jo, my oestopath advised me to continue the session as he felt my recovery would be faster if I managed to strengthen the leg through the session. Then after the operation, the physio was absolutely necessary to get the leg back into shape and strengthen it so that I can run better in future (or at least that's what the Doc said).

Anyway, through all these months, I have learnt a lot from the physio and the friendly trainers. In the process, I have also learnt to do many different type of exercises that I didn't find in the books. As a result, according to Megan before she got transferred, my progress is faster than normal despite my massive multi-injuries. Right now, Derek is pushing me to work harder so that I can bend my leg all the way.

So my opinion of the physio sessions has changed. And for those with real serious problems, I would advise to continue with the sessions. But than again, for those with one off pain and not some long term injury, may be a visit to a chinese sinseh should suffice.

Thursday, November 09, 2006


I just can't tahan this idiot. Was swimming this evening and every time this guy reached the end of the pool, he will clear his throat and than spit into the drain running along the side of the pool. Sure the drain is channelling the pool water into the filter but since it is on level with the pool, somehow or rather the spit might flow back into the main pool.

And I don't understand why he got so bladdy much spit. He is certainly a stronger swimmer than me and since poor mediocre me don't even drink the pool water, surely he will be able to do the same! I feel like going up and making him sucked up the damn thing. The only thing stopping me is - he looks much stronger than me so I chickened out:(

On a brighter note, my self learnt front crawl is now slightly faster than my breaststroke. The only problem is that I can swim 40 laps of breaststroke without problem but 2 laps of front crawl and I need to stop to take a breather. Still a long way to go!

Err... can anyone help me and tell me what I'm doing wrong?

Monday, November 06, 2006

Another Long Run

Unfortunately again not for me. This time the ladies gathered at East Coast Park again for their 2nd last long run before they do their first half marathon. Ruth couldn't make it as she was feeling unwell. Karen turned up though even though she didn't need the extra running since she was just doing the 10km.

The ladies, Michelle, Bambi, Karen and Molly took off at 7:20 am. This time the target is for Michelle to do at least 18km and Bambi and Molly to try to do 20km. Karen of course was free to do what she wants.

Unlike the previous week run, the ladies did well today. They ran the first 5 km at a 6.20 pace which I thought was too fast for them considering that there was another 15km to go. They did the next 5 km in about the same timing with Michelle about 8 minutes behind the 3. The plucky ladies didn't stop at 20km but instead continued for another 1km to make it their first 21km run in an average time of approximately 2h:35m (7.30 pace). Michelle also managed to complete her longest run ever all 18km of it in 2h:20m still well under 8 min pace.

Look like they will all be on target to finish in a comfortable time on race day.

Next week will try to bring them to do the actual race route.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Running Groups

Since Running Lab started their weekly Thursday Night Run last December, they have set the standard for corporate related organised run. Adidas joined in this year and Nike also started their own Runaholics.

The RL Thursday Night run continues to grow in strength despite it being the pioneer. Last night there was a good crowd of well over 20 runners with an even mix of regular and newcomers. The highlight of the run must be Eddie with his warm up and cool down stretches. Also, this is the only run for newbies with several pacers and helpers pacing the seasoned as well as guiding the newbie. Too bad there is no proper shower facilities for after the run.

The Adidas Run is on every Wednesday from Suntec. So far I gathered the runners are mostly seasoned runners and I guess with a good number of them from sgrunners and cross over from the RL run. The attraction of this run so I heard is the fruits and isotonic drink at the end of the run plus shower facilities. Also, there is some sort of loyalty program for those who have completed a certain number of runs.

Finally the Nike Run every Sunday. This started only in October but with a tie up with MR25 and press coverage, this is probably the biggest group run. Of course, the freebie helps. As I understand it, a free Nike T-shirt for those who have done x number of runs and for the first 20 to hit 90km, a free pair of shoes.

With the emphasis on health and fitness nowadays, these couldn't have come at a better time for runners. On top of these, there is the South East CDC jog at East Coast every Saturday, SAFRA weekly run etc. A runner is certainly spoilt for choice nowadays.

Who next? Asics, New Balance, Brooks, Mizuno - where are thou?