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Monday, November 20, 2006

Bottle Tree Village

Was at the Zoo Sunday afternoon. After that, since already in the North, decided to go look for Bottle Tree Village, which Dasher had mentioned before in his run blog. Turned up Sembawang Rd, went all the way to the end and up to Canberra Dr. Just drove around as had absolutely no idea where the place was. Then spotted some black and white bungalows and remembered there was some mention of them as well. Turned in and drove along some very narrow road until exited at Sembawang Park and lo and behold! there was a sign that says 'Bottle Tree Village...' Wah damn lucky followed the signs and travelled along a even more narrow road and finally reached the place.

It was really a picture out of a postcard. The place really looked like one of those suburb building in Australia. Beautiful.

But here, the place is actually a restaurant. I could see a lot of people even though it was only 6.30 pm. I can imagine having barbecues buffet like what we had in Perth many years ago. Unfortunately, the place serves the usual Singaporean seafood zhi-char. And it wasn't so good. It saving grace - the price was very reasonable.

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  1. his place is actually used to be Semabwang PA Sea Sports Club...where i got my 1 star kayaking cert