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Friday, November 03, 2006

Running Groups

Since Running Lab started their weekly Thursday Night Run last December, they have set the standard for corporate related organised run. Adidas joined in this year and Nike also started their own Runaholics.

The RL Thursday Night run continues to grow in strength despite it being the pioneer. Last night there was a good crowd of well over 20 runners with an even mix of regular and newcomers. The highlight of the run must be Eddie with his warm up and cool down stretches. Also, this is the only run for newbies with several pacers and helpers pacing the seasoned as well as guiding the newbie. Too bad there is no proper shower facilities for after the run.

The Adidas Run is on every Wednesday from Suntec. So far I gathered the runners are mostly seasoned runners and I guess with a good number of them from sgrunners and cross over from the RL run. The attraction of this run so I heard is the fruits and isotonic drink at the end of the run plus shower facilities. Also, there is some sort of loyalty program for those who have completed a certain number of runs.

Finally the Nike Run every Sunday. This started only in October but with a tie up with MR25 and press coverage, this is probably the biggest group run. Of course, the freebie helps. As I understand it, a free Nike T-shirt for those who have done x number of runs and for the first 20 to hit 90km, a free pair of shoes.

With the emphasis on health and fitness nowadays, these couldn't have come at a better time for runners. On top of these, there is the South East CDC jog at East Coast every Saturday, SAFRA weekly run etc. A runner is certainly spoilt for choice nowadays.

Who next? Asics, New Balance, Brooks, Mizuno - where are thou?

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  1. I chanced upon your blog and I enjoyed reading it. Being a runner myself, I can relate very well with your writings. Keep writing :)