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Thursday, November 09, 2006


I just can't tahan this idiot. Was swimming this evening and every time this guy reached the end of the pool, he will clear his throat and than spit into the drain running along the side of the pool. Sure the drain is channelling the pool water into the filter but since it is on level with the pool, somehow or rather the spit might flow back into the main pool.

And I don't understand why he got so bladdy much spit. He is certainly a stronger swimmer than me and since poor mediocre me don't even drink the pool water, surely he will be able to do the same! I feel like going up and making him sucked up the damn thing. The only thing stopping me is - he looks much stronger than me so I chickened out:(

On a brighter note, my self learnt front crawl is now slightly faster than my breaststroke. The only problem is that I can swim 40 laps of breaststroke without problem but 2 laps of front crawl and I need to stop to take a breather. Still a long way to go!

Err... can anyone help me and tell me what I'm doing wrong?


  1. just happen to see ur blog, the prob with ur swimming is, ur leg is sinking,buy a pool buoy to help u float while u work on your swimming. You r not stretching your arms to the maximum length in front of you for your pull, a maximum pull while enable u to cover more distance per pull. Hope these 2 tips helps.

  2. Thanks for the advice. Will continue to work on it.