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Saturday, January 27, 2007


Hurray I graduated! After 5 months or 151 days over 27 rehab sessions (5 pre-op and 22 post op and countless $$$$), I am officially discharged from CGH-SMC. Darek said there is nothing much that he can do for me other that put me through all the exercises which I can do by myself anyway in the gym or at home.

So this ends another chapter and opens up another. Will I dare risk future injury and raise the tempo a bit or continue on this insanely jogging pace that I am doing the past few weeks?

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

CBD 1st Anniversary Run

Although not a regular runner there, the CBD run has always been special to me as I was the first one to moot it in the forum. Unfortunately, due to problem over finding a place to store our barang, it died a natural death until Kops (nka Little Tigger) resurrected it later. He solved the problem by volunteering his car as a mobile store room and on those days that he couln't make it, Tiwazz sacrificed his run and stayed to jaga the barang.

So when it came to its 1st anniversary, how can I miss it? The turnout was humongous. I gave up counting after reaching 20 and there was so many new faces. We ran the original 6km route (more like 7km) led by Little Tigger and swept by Tiwazz (just like the good old days) at I think a slow pace of 7.30 - 8.00min/km? That was the warm up though for what was to come - the feast! It was a potluck session with each runner contributing a bit and a anniversary cake contributed by Tiwazz. I think everybody stuffed themselves full and gain back + more whatever calories lost during the run. There was gift too - a personalised bookmark and a calendar card (thank you (whoever made the bookmark) and Sotong for the photocalendar card).

Saturday, January 20, 2007


Drop off M for a lunch appt and had some time to kill b4 picking her up. Went over to Safra Mt Faber for a swim.

Decided to test myself for the 1.5k. Still thinking of doing the bia if I can meet the qualifying time.

1st 10 laps breaststroke 15:08m. Great.
Next 10 laps switched to freestyle. This one not so great. Need to stop to catch breathe every lap. Time taken: 21:02. Gone cannot meet the timing requirement liao.
Final 10 laps. Swim alternate breaststroke/free. At the 25th lap, time up 45:08. Finished the set in 16:53.
Total time taken: 53:31. 8 m 31s off the qualifing time.

Maybe if I just stick to the breaststroke, got chance? Sigh, got to practice more and try next year. Otherwise go there and malu only.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Running Lab Run

After 113 days, finally went back to Running Lab for the Thursday Night run. Supposed to have gone last week, but it was raining so detoured for Teochew porridge - but's that another story.

There was supposingly an downpour earlier on in town with many areas flooded. Thought this run will get rained out as well but the sky held. The crowd was still pretty sizeable. Sgrunners was represented by Cookie and Taz, who like me, was coming back after a long break. He, me, Michelle and M ran behind the rest of the pack and did a much shorter distance - to the 2nd flyover.

Felt good after the run - no ache, no pain. Now where should I go for my next run?

Sunday, January 14, 2007

InterCon Road Run 2006/2007

Went to Temasek Poly to support the Changi-Simei team in the Inter-Con Road Run. Was surprised to meet a few sgrunners there. Had not expected to see any as there was only a few posts in the forum about this race. Bummed into Terence first. He and his wife are representing Kreta Ayer. Then Mighty Joe running for Yew Tee. Puay Hern was there also - not running but managing the team from Serangoon. Then there was Brokie and Vincent running for Pasir Ris and finally Tiger (yes ladies - that Tiger:)) with his colourful short in the Clementi team.

The race was divided into Men's Open, Men's Veteran and Ladies. The winning team will be based on the finishing position of the team with the best finishing position from 4 men open, 1 man vet and 1 ladies. Apparanently, the prize money was a cool $2,500.00 for team and $250.00 for each runner. No wonder, top runner like Jaafar was present as well!

The Men's Open was flagged off first by MP Ong Kian Ming who was also participating in the Men's Veteran. The 1st runner came in a solid time of 19+ mins for the 5.6km distance. Goh Lean Seng from my Changi-Simei (who I thought was already a damn solid runner - he did 3:17hrs in last year marathon) was totally outclassed coming in unplaced in 21+min. Both Mighty Joe and Terrence did well to finished in around 23min with Mighty Joe about 1 minute ahead of Terence.

The Men's Veteran and Ladies was flagged off after the men's came back. This time Jaafar as expected came in first. My sifu, BC came back in 23min+. Next to come in was Vincent followed closely by Brokie. M came back in 27m+ her fastest time ever for a 5km run.

Heard that the next one will be in July. Hopefully, by than I will be ready to take part.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Light at the end of the tunnel

The light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter.

Today, Darek officially cleared me to run - and up to 10km some more although at the moment I not so ambitious. Will just continue to add on bit by bit to the current 5K until hit 10k by end March.

Best news though is he will discharge me by end January if nothing adverse happen.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Asics 2100

Date of Purchase : 31 December 2006

Cost : $80.00

Purchase from : Asics warehouse sale

Worn in races :

3 May 2007 JP Morgan Chase
24 June 2007 Penang Bridge Marathon
26 August 2007 Army Half Marathon

Retired: 30 November 2008
Total Mileage: 802.2km

Asics 2110

Date of Purchase : 25 February 2006

Cost : $199.00

Purchase from : Running Lab Funan

Worn in Races :

19 March 2006 Ing Temple Run Thailand
26 April 2006 JP Morgan Corporate Chase
28 May 2006 Farrer Park Sport Challenge
2 July 2006 Milk Run
23 July 2006 Mizuno Wave Run
27 August 2006 Army Half Marathon
22 April 2007 Mizuno Mount Faber Run
8 July 2007 Saucony Passion Run
2 December 2007 Singapore Standard Chartered Marathon

Retired : 15 March 2008

Total Mileage upon retirement: 800.2 km

New Balance 906 Trail

Date of Purchase : 8 December 2005

Cost : $80.00

Purchased from : NB ware house sale

Worn for Races to date:

28 April 2007 Real Run Terrain Race
22 July 2007 Mizuno Wave Run
1 September 2007 Inter-Con Road Run
28 October 2007 NB Real Run

Retired : 1 March 2008

Total Mileage : 570.1 km