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Sunday, April 15, 2007

This Weekend's Run

On Monday, did half an hour of gym bike, some weights; Tues - ran 5km; Wed - zero due to work; Thu - zero due to rain; Fri - a bit of weights + gymball ex at home.

So after a week of slacking, went into overdrive this weekend. A bit crazy but that's life.

Since a colleague was having a barbecue at the Costa Sands Resorts at Sentosa, decided to kill 2 birds with 1 stone and go there for a run. Tried to chio the usual gang but due to rain and other commitment or is it excuses? only Ayin joined me.

Ayin at half my age is a speed demon. I have never actually run at his actual pace as he has always been kind enough to slow down on those occasions when we ran in a group . So it was with my trepidation that I ran alone with him.

Starting from Siloso beach towards the bicycle trail, we started at a blistering pace - at least for me; probably like 5min/km. Unfortunately, quarter way through the trail, discovered it was cordoned off for the IR. In fact, it looks like this year Real Run will not be held at Sentosa since the starting and ending point as well as the bicycle trail has been blocked off!

We turned back to Siloso beach and ran to Tanjong beach. Ayin estimated it was about 4.5km. A check on my watch showed we took about 23mins which was roughly about 5.15 pace. I was gasping for breathe and decided to steal a few steps of walk. After about 20 walking pace, resumed running but I was dead beat. When we passed M and Alicia on her blade, took the opportunity to walk again abide for only about 10 paces. We than turned up Allenbrooke Road and towards the satellite. Again at the foot of the slope, took another 20 steps to catch my breathe. By the end, I had took a total of 6 walk breaks. I never had to stop so many times in a 10km run before - this was really a record!

Anyway, we finished the run at slightly over 1hr over a distance of about 11.5km-12km which makes it like about 5:30min/km pace which means I am still in very poor shape since I find it so hard to sustain this pace throughout. Anyways many thanks to Ayin for the company and pacing this old man.

Since M didn't get to run on Saturday, decided to keep her company on Sunday. We went to Pasir Ris Park, a place I have not ran in for almost 2 years. The distance marker was 3.30km 1 way so we ran up and down making it a distance of 6.6km in a time of 37min which works out to about 5:45min/km.

Surprisingly, I felt much better in today run and wasn't as breathless. Other than the difference in distance, comparing the 1st 6km, I was definitely much more tired and struggling yesterday. I think it was because I started off too fast - something that I am not used to. Maybe I shall go and experiment some more and see whether there is a difference if I start off fast and finished slower or start off slow and finished faster?

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