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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

60 Seconds

60 seconds or 1 minute

Very insignificant when going about our daily lives BUT

A 1 minutes difference in pace every km works out to a 10 minutes slower run for a 10km run; 20 minutes for a 20k....etc

1 minute difference - so minuscule by itself but running at 5km/6km/7km pace for 10 minutes - that 1 minute is dramatically magnified

Sigh.. how to bridge the gap?

Sunday, May 20, 2007

My new Pearl Izumi SyncroPace

After beoing the shoes for a few months, finally when my run log reminded me that the 2110 is due for retirement, decided to go ahead and get the PI SyncroPace. Wasn't really sure about the shoes - just like the design. Eddie recommended the SyncroFloat but that was all in grey whilst the SyncroPace was orange and metallic silver - very chio and stylo.

Took it out for a test run Saturday evening. Went to Kent Ridge with the gang. The cushioning is superb - like wearing a pair of Hush Puppies even with my insole. Unfortunately, I had not tied the shoelaces properly and it was rather loose. 30 minutes into the run, it started to pour so run called off.

Continued the breaking in of the shoes the next morning with a longer run - this time at ECP. The cushioning was good, it felt lighter than my 2110 and the feet didn't feel hot. But somewhere about 1 hour later, the toes started to protest - Not too sure what caused it. maybe this time round I tied the shoe laces too tight and the foot had no space to expand? Or is it too wide? It certainly felt very roomy when I put it on. Got to test some more.

According to PI, the SyncoPace is a stability shoe for normal or low arch. It comes with the Skydex technology which PI claims is stronger, lighter and more durable for smarter cushioning and this certainly it lives up to its claim. It also comes with Syncroframe which PI claims is a guidance system which 'guides the foot for increased energy return, stability and durability' whatever that means. Finally, there is OrthoLite which is the comfort foam insoles which is supposed to keep air flow for a cool foot, odor and fungus inhibiting, wicks moistures away and is long lasting. Hurray no more wet and smelly shoes!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Pearl Izumi SyncroPace

Date of Purchase: 17 May 2007

Cost : $189.00

Purchase from : Running Lab

Worn in Races : Nil

Retired : 15 November 2007

Mileage on retirement: 447.4 km

Bedok Reservoir

My fave Run Route 2

Bedok Reservoir bound by Bedok Reservoir Road, Tampines Ave 10 and Temasek Poly is a popular park for runners. The route consist of a 4.3km granite chip trail around the reservoir. There is also a separate asphalt path along the upper reach of the reservoir which is approximately 4.5 km long. There is a short but steep slope immediately after the toilet in the middle. This is a fairly easy route to run on but can be quite hot in the day as there are limited tree covers.

Map taken from Nparks website

The Route - 1 round at the trail is 4.3km. On the upper trail, the distance is slightly longer at 4.5km.
Extra 1: Connects to Pasir Ris Park via the Tampines Park Connector
Extra 2: Connects to East Coast Park via the Bedok Park Connector (6km to ECP)
Extra 3: Connects to East Coast Park via Bedok Town Park and Siglap Park Connector

Best Time to Run: Early in the morning before sun rises or late evening after sun set to avoid the sun.

Facilities: Toilets, shower, water cooler, fitness corner, children playground (2) are available. Carparks available at the park, Sheng Shiong supermarket and the various HDB flats across the road.

Fun Elements:
Fishing is allowed along the fishing platform. Dragon boat, kayaking also available. Catch hobbyists flying giant model planes in the evening.

Danger List:Lighting. Also sand flies and bugs which can and will fly into your mouth

How to get there:

Bus Services: 18, 21, 22, 28, 65, 66, 67, 69 and 228 to Bedok Reservoir Road. Nearest MRT - Tampines or Simei MRT

Nearby Eat: Coffeeshop across the parks at the various HDB blocks

Thursday, May 03, 2007

JPMorgan Chase Corporate Challenge 2007

11.00 am - Shiok. It's raining! Good weather to run tonight.
12.00 noon - Oh shit, it really's pouring! The ground going to be real wet.
3.30 pm - *&&^%$$# The revised route take us through the duck tour's path - that's place is going to be mud pool in this weather. My shoes:(
4.00 pm - May called. Can she go and change now? Wah so kancheong!
5.00 pm - Where the _ _ _ _ is Sebas? We supposed to leave office at 5 sharp and he still not here yet! Like that how to go to the front of the start line?
5.15 pm - Finally, we can set off but first a group photo. But running late, had to abandon plan to deposit the bags.
5.30 pm - Esplanade Bridge. It's so crowded. Luckily, they got separate lanes for walkers and runners. Alamak, ABN has the same NB singlet as us. And there are so many more of them! Now people will think we are them. Sure enough a guy came up behind me said hi and quickly run away when he realised not from his bank. Ha Ha!
5.45 pm - Tried to move to the front. Stuck about 60 metres from Start line. So crowded can't even find room to do some stretches. You sure everybody here are runners? Only Sebas is with me. The rest are behind.
6.00 pm - The race is horned off. Er why is the crowd not moving? Oh it is but at a snail pace.
6.01 pm - Crossed the finish - oops wrong start line in a time of 1:11 minutes. Wow so fast - 1:11 minutes to run 60 metres. There are simply too many people. And most of them are jogging. Struggling to find a way through. How come my colleagues are in front? Can't move faster. Keep being checked by people in front.
6.13 pm - where did the 1km go? 12:48 minutes.
6.19 pm - 3 km. The crowd has thinned out a bit. Got more space to run. Good - they paved the duck tour's path. Yipee. Shoes still clean. Sebas zoomed past. So he has finally decided to run.
6.25 pm - 4 km. Siah - Another 1.6 km to go. No way to have a PB. Just enjoy this last stretch. Oi, how come the boss is in front of me? Should I give him face and let him finish ahead of me? Maybe score some brownies point and hopefully get a good increment? Nah.. fat hope. Accelerate a bit and he's history.
6.31 pm - Yeah crossed finish line 31:06 minutes. A PW for me. Personal Worst that is!
6.32 pm - Shit.. the field is so muddy. Now my shoes are dirty! *^$#$^))
6.35 pm - 2 bananas, 1 mineral water. Collect goodie bag. Contains 1 t-shirt, 4 packs of Anlene Strawberry Yogurt Milk and 2 postcards).
6.40 pm - Bumped into Kick. She looks great. Well done lady.
7.00 pm - Finally everybody turned up.

This is the 3rd year running I'm doing this crazy race. It is a total waste of time/waste of money type of race. So many people and they cannot never managed to get the start organised properly. Than at $35 and increasing every year, it must ranked as the most expensive race here - and what do we get? A never changed same design drawstring bag and a cotton t-shirt. And they have to print all the sponsor names on the t-shirt some more! And best of all, year in year out, the winning team representing Singapore in New York are all foreigners! The Gurkha's and the ladies from the American School! And the crowd....

So why am I taking part than? Oh yah.. Becos Boss willing to pay 100% for registration and every year got free singlet and the quality getter better each year (1st year - made in China OEM Nike t-shirt:(, last year AGT singlet + short and this year NB singlet!) Also, as team captain, I get to attend the annual briefing - there got makan, lucky draw and a free gift (last year yoga mat, this year pedometer:)

2008 here I come:)

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Super Slack Holiday

Woke up at 6am. Supposed to go for a run with the gangs at my fave running place - Pierce Reservoir. It started to pour at about 6.10am. In the end, some of the gang decided not to wait out the rain and went back to sleep. So also went back to sleep - till 11am! But in the end, glad I didn't run. Have not been feeling okay since yesterday. Stomach felt funny - hard (unfortunately not muscles) but more like wind. The Mrs said must apply yuyi oil.

At 2pm decided to go for a swim. The sky was overcast and I would describe the weather as 'gloomy' sort of like what we see in the Batman's movies. At the poolside, did a few stretches, felt a few drop of rains and heck - no motivation to do anything, gave up without even going into the water and walked back upstair and went to sleep again.

Guess I really live up to the spirit of labor day - a day for all workers to rest!